If you've got a great product and you think the TUF's audience should know about it, you can take out a sponsored link.


Sponsored links cost $50 per sponsorship, and are included in the on the top of the newsletter with a description and a CTA, in one issue of the newsletter (1.6k + subscribers).


Sponsored links should be relevant to TUF's designers and web developers audience and link to high-quality, well-thought content.


After you complete the payment, your sponsored link will be reviewed to see if it matches up well with TUF's audience. In case it doesn't, you will be fully refunded within a week.


Sponsorships can be refunded any time up to two weeks before the scheduled date by emailing me Link


"Got my first Github sponsor"

"I think I can't explain the feeling of finding validation through sponsorship on an open-source project. But I got my first one last night. Thanks to @Michael_Andreuzza who featured Toucan on their Substack yesterday. That's how the word got out."


Right now TUF's can only offer you 1 format for SPONSORED links you can see it on the new issues. Link


Makesure that you had a look when a slot is available by checking out the dates on the form.


After filling up the form you will be redirected to a page with the the payment options. Then you you will recive an email from me.

Remember to fill up all fields.