TUF, Issue N29

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Yo! Welcome to Issue N29, We start with a Tailwind CSS Transpiler and we go to 90 Days of Prose!

2021....the heck..?

Hope you have an upcoming great year everyone,...let's rock.

New year, new design, now is blue and pinkish. I have also redesigned the site, is not black anymore.

Let's grow.

So, as I mentiond, or at least I think I did, I am going to start to learn React, because I want to make the step into tech for once, in fact I promised myself to get a remote job in tech by summer.

Having three projects under my belt and having no working tech experience ( on a company ) it feels kind of, strange, but not wrong though. Anyways...

Wicked Blocks blocks are all up and running

I have deployed all the blocks I made and will proceed to make this ones 100% responsive, to make it easier for you. most of them are, but not all.

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Now, please enjoy this issue.


Start loving your career again.

80% of life defining decisions happen by age 35, so let’s achieve your career dreams, together. Start 2021 off strong with Lloyd.


Kushmeen is making an illustration a day for 100 days on my iPad. It’s free for personal and commercial use. No attribution needed

Compiles your tailwindcss files into pure CSS files. Moreover, you can also use it with SASS.

Export your designs to ProtoPie and turn them into highly interactive prototypes.

Provides that can toggle light/dark color. You can specify your favor ColorStyle which separated by “/” and contains “Dark"("dark"), “Light”("light") or “Elevated”("elevated") key. Exmaple:


Make Writing a Habit. Write for at least 10 minutes a day for the next 90 days. Tweet your progress each day with the #90DaysOfProse hashtag..

How we built the GitHub globe.

With our new homepage, we wanted to show how open source development transcends the borders we’re living in and to tell our product story through the lens of a developer’s journey.

Houdini is a set of low-level APIs that exposes parts of the CSS engine, giving developers the power to extend CSS by hooking into the styling and layout process of a browser’s rendering engine..

Centering in CSS.

"You can always find it in my stylesheets because it’s useful for both macro and micro layouts. It’s an all-around reliable solution with results that match my expectations. Also, because I’m an intrinsic sizing junkie, I tend to graduate into this solution. True, it’s a lot to type out, but the benefits it provides outweighs the extra code."


WebGL Distortion Slider.

Using Three.js for the image transitions and some crude HTML + CSS just to mockup the UI around the background.

Michael Andreuzza