TUF, Issue N27

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Yo! Welcome to Issue N27, this issue is all about UX! We go from UX design patterns to perceived performance and also have some other goodies for you!

I have a guest curator!

On this issue, the links are curated by Fabi, Web Dev hung up on UX Design.

Fabi is a great guy, he has been helping me out with the newsletter now and then and here we are.

Why having a guest?

Well, the newsletter takes time to curate, and I have some plans to keep improving my front-end skills, andi need time for myself to be honest. Within my daily work, WICKEDTEMEPLATES and some other upcoming projects I won't have so much time. So I will be taking in some guest curators, but I will make sure the links are fine and suitable.

A short message from Fabi

Hey, I'm Fabi aka @Chaphasilor :)
I like to develop useful web apps with good UX.
I really hope you enjoyed Issue N27 and learned a thing or two! UX can be hard, but it can also be fun and good UX definitely pays off.
Thanks a lot for having me, Mike! :D

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Now, please enjoy this issue.


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Add nice looking animation effect of falling snow to your WordPress site and enjoy winter.

A collection of common design patterns and how to implement them properly.

An extensive list of psychological effect related to UX design.

A list of UI patterns and how to use them appropriately.


15 User Interface Design Principles for Better Websites.

A talk about how to design UIs that *feel* fast (Slides/Video).

A guide about designing an experience that your users expect.

How to use positive feedback to make your users feel better.


Replicating the Icosahedron from Rogier de Boevé’s Website.


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