TUF, Issue N26

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Yo!! Welcome to Issue N26, on this issue we go from Spotify Design to UI DevTools for Tailwind CSS

New Layout

So yeah, this is the new and final layout for TUF, I am done. I won't bother you anymore I promisse. As you will see underneath, you will see 4 resources and four articles, also images are gone, nothing, nada, niente, nichts...let's keep it simple.

I would like to thank...

Simon Chiu, Fabi aka Chaphasilor, Csaba Kissi, Ulrich Ghero, Arvi Khal, Tommi Urtti, Lana Rafaela, Bohdan and s**t loads more that I can't remember just now because is frigging late at night. You guys are worth your weight in gold.

By the way, I have redesigned Wicked Templates.

For good or for worst, depends whos judging. See it here.

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Now, please enjoy this issue.


Master the art of creating & running a newsletter.


The missing browser devtools for Tailwind CSS.

PermanentLink redirects your readers to working sites, so you can stay the authority in your niche.

Free Images and Sketch files of popular devices.

Export Figma styles and custom tokens to a style dictionary ready json or sync to github.


How Spotify Organises Work in Figma to Improve Collaboration.

How to easily understand Flexbox CSS.

Aesthetics Over Usability — Google's New App Icons.

We’re UX Tricks and we’re crazy about UX design. We write UX ebooks and you can even read them online.


Contrast Variable font.


A curated newsletter built for the creative community, sharing productivity and creativity-boosting apps and resources, combined with useful insights, articles, and learnings from the fields of design and tech.


Add nice looking animation effect of falling snow to your WordPress site and enjoy winter.