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by Michael andreuzza

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Hi and welcome to the 24th issue. From Adobe XD for VS Code to The State of CSS Survey and lots of great and useful resources, as the past weeks.


Two weeks already...that was quick, right? At least for me.

Layout changes

From Apps, Tools n Sites. Now I am including the Assets that you used to see under articles in that section.

Special thanks.

I have been setting up the email so you all get it i your inbox instead of promos and other tabs...and it as quiet tricky.

I had Simon Chiu, Mike Privett & Thomas Evans guiding me and checking up the settings and so on, without them I would no have fixed it! big thanks to this awesome humans.
So now, to make sure you get the email in your inbox, you could add it to your main inbox and after that you are very welcome to replay "done" to me, I will answer you stright away. Thanks a lot.

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Without further ado, here is Issue N24. Enjoy it.




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Saas Pages

A collection of the best landing pages with a focus on copywriting and design..
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CSS Background

Beautiful pure CSS background patterns that you can actually use in your projects!
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Adobe XD for VS Code

Create and consume Design System Packages.
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Stimulus JS

A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have.
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The State of CSS. Survey

After the success of our annual State Of JavaScript survey, we’ve decided to take on the world of styles and selectors to help identify the latests trends.
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Linearly Scale font-size with CSS clamp() Based on the Viewport
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CodePen Challenge

Skin a Vintage MySpace Profile
Go »


A constructive and inclusive social network for hackers.
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"ScrollTrigger: SVG Text Mask."

by Tom Miller »



Wicked Templates »
Tailwind CSS templates ready to customize out of the box.

Norde »
SVG Icon manager and editor.

Sketch App Data »
Has 32,194 unique points of data for your next design project.

Tetrisly »
Start wireframing faster or use our Starter Kit to create Design System.

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