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Hi and welcome to the 22nd issue. From ... to .... and lots of great and useful resources, as the past weeks.

Less often.

Like the heading on top of this line is going to come the newsletter, I am changing the times you get the newsletter, instead of once a week is becoming a bi-weekly newsletter. .

Why ?.

Well, I am working on and maintaining three projects including this newsletter and my daily job. The newsletter has zero automation, so I am doing all by hand and honestly, is a lot for one person. I am going to be working on Wicked Templates, to change the whole concept now that I working on it alone.

What else....?.

Mmmm, let me se..., ah yeah, I am still working on a nicer layout for the newsletter, and I am probably going to use Maizzle,...will see.

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Without further ado, here is Issue N22. Enjoy it.— Michael



A11y Resources

The Accessibility Resources is a growing list of more than 200+ hand-curated accessibility plugins, tools, articles, case studies, design patterns, assistive technologies, design resources and accessibility standards.
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The Flutterist

I am a Flutter App Developer and Graphic Designer. I am creating Indie Apps with Flutter Dart and working as a Freelance Graphic Designer.
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Show off the technologies you use at a glance.
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Color Box

Cool color tool
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Veryfy Meta

Verify & Create Meta Tags for Your Webpages
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GitHub CLI

Take GitHub to the command line.GitHub CLI brings GitHub to your terminal. Free and open source.
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Show off your design skills by crafting eye-catching iOS 14 layout themes.

A definitive new aesthetic trend has cropped up since iOS 14 publicly dropped last week, with users relishing the advent of the operating system’s widgets...
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6 things you need to design a strong brand identity system.

Whether you’re creating a brand identity for your own business or a client, understanding what goes into creating a successful visual identity is key to designing one with intention...
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In Search of Illustration: Design Process for Illustration Set.

Creating a set of illustrations requires a systematic design approach. In this article, Tubik illustrator unveils the creative process and shares a bunch of handy tips for illustrators. .
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UX Stories.

Decent samples on how to approach your UX designs and case studies...
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Four perfect design in perfect mockup frame
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Real Good Stores

they collect and highlight the most beautiful website design experiences to help designers, developers and entrepreneurs.
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Illustration Tools

Directory of tools and resources for illustrators.
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Clean Document

Automagically organize and clean up your Figma document.
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Workspace 2.0

by Peter Tarka | Follow »


"The function of design is letting design function." - Micha Commeren, designer


"Some animation fun with fantastic elements from Bento 3D Design Vol. 2."
by Nguyen Nhut | Follow »


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Wicked Templates »
Responsive HTML templates made with Tailwind CSS & Bulma.

Norde »
SVG Icon manager and editor.

Sketch App Data »
Has 32,194 unique points of data for your next design project.

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