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Hi and welcome to the 21th issue. From Vue 3 to Norde and lots of great and useful resources, as the past weeks.

Welcome Home.

Well, here I am, new template, new email, new style.

About The tnterviews.

There is already 13 interviewees. I am very pumped actually. I will post a link here to the interview on TUF's website, then you can read it there when is up.

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Without further ado, here is Issue N21. Enjoy it.— Michael



Norde Source

SVG Icon manager and editor
Norde Source makes it easy to customize entire icon sets to fit your brand. Built for designers, developers, marketers and anyone who works with a lot of icons. Available for Mac, Windows and Linux!
They also have a 50% Discount and free version.
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Tom Cox

I'm Tom, a 20 year old developer, designer, and coffee enthusiast. I'm currently working as a junior software engineer near London,...
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NXT Editor

NXT Editor is a NeXT generation application for editing .txt files. It is packed with clever and interesting features to enhance your experience working with text files.
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is an AI palette generator trained with the Tailwindcss colors.
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A HTML template generator using functional css
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Free Online Toolbox for developers
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How to create dreamy color blurs in Adobe Illustrator.

Unlike traditional gradients that we are accustomed to creating using the Gradient Tool, this new technique makes use of Adobe Illustrator’s Mesh Tool—allowing for way more control and an infinite amount of unique color possibilities...
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Vue 3

Vue 3.0 core can still be used via a simple tag, but its internals has been re - written from the ground up into a collection of decoupled modules.
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How to write an image description.

An image description is a written caption that describes the essential information in an image. It’s often described as alt text since the alt tag is a common place to store them.
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Grids Part 1: To grid or not to grid.

The first example makes it easy for users to skim times and locations by organizing the information as tabular data, and the second example makes it easier to skim event titles by using a simpler list structure with headings...
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Figma Resources

A community of designers creating and sharing design resources that can inspire and empower a quicker design process.
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Framer Resources

Free UI elements, design resources and Framer X Store picks for your next prototype, wireframe, app or web project.
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Themer takes a set of colors and generates themes for your development environment (editors, terminals, wallpapers, and more).
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Styler is a plugin for Figma that generates styles based on selected layers. Basically, you can control your styles by changing layer properties and updating the styles.
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Three of a Kind

"This is actually a small sneak peek to the portfolio web I'm creating right now."
By Reijo Palmiste in The Morning Smoothie »


"Design is intelligence made visible." -- Alina Wheeler, author"

Bento - Phone & Marker

"Some animation fun with fantastic elements from Bento 3D Design Vol. 2."
by Anton Tkachev for UI8 | Follow »


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