Right now...

...what you get in your inbox are resources about digital design and web development. It can be from a simple web app to something where the maker has put thought on it.

Oh, yeah the interviews. The interviews will show us different points of view, different ways to approach web development and design. We will also get to know som great people that can inspire us by doing what they do.

Things are difficult to find, sometimes we don't even come across them, and then we can learn from others by listening/reading/seeing to what they have to say.. Also, I will learn how to write by doing this. Catch you later.

- Mike.


Useful stuff.

Discover new resources, applications and web tools that will help speed up your workflow while designing a great interface, coding your aunties website or both!!.


Fluent workflow.

Plugins for figma, sketch, you name it... illustrations, icons, etc,.. .


Brain fuel.

Articles to supercharge your productivity, creativity and thoughts.


A great animation.

During the week, I will look after a super duper animation, GIF, video, etc,... and share it on the newsletter, it can be anything...


Talking with front end developers and digital designers.

I will interview, on writting format front-end dev and digital designers working on their side projects so we get to know what they are doing and how they got where they are.You will get this 1 time every two weeks at the beginning. .