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June 03, 2021 • View in browser ⟶

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.“ – Maya Angelou

The Albatross flew across the ocean

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Welcome to Issue N7

Hi again everyone! you good?

Another two weeks, another issue.

Sorry, I know you should have got it yesterday but I was quiet busy curating the last bits and preparing Wicked Templates launch on Product Hunt today, and it would mean the world if you join the conversation!

Hope you all like!

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Choosing colors for mobile app design

"The simplicity of using two of three colors, for example, is one design principle that has proven its worth over time. Red and green have been used for so long that they are ingrained in our psyche to signal permit and ban correspondingly."

- I have never worked on APP design actually. What I know for sure is that, it would deffinately have bright and dark color palette.

An accessible Alpine.js menu toggle

"Another issue with a lot of JavaScript examples is that they forego accessibility. Therefore we won’t be building a todo app but an accessible navigation menu."

- When I build a nav for my sites they are all made with alpine.js. interesting approach.

How to use Figma as file storage? It really helped our Product Design team to organize files.

Figma is not conventionally thought to be a file organization tool. When our Product Design department introduced it to sort our ever-growing database, I admit – I was awfully sceptical. It still feels weird to write about how to use Figma for sorting out resources. But lo and behold, it turns out to be great file storage and file organisation tool. All you need to do is create a transparent process. ..."

- Exactly how I use Figma.

How to give your customers a sleeker user experience

"Great UX and high conversion rates go hand-in-hand. So, if you want to improve conversion rates, your first task is to improve the user experience...."

- When I started to make sites, the term UX was pretty blurred for me, after a while and read about I try to implement a good UX on my sites.Is so important, you can't just make a landing page and put stuff there.

Thank you for reading...

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