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April 21, 2021 • View in browser ⟶

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” – Mary Poppins de Font

The Albatross flew across the ocean

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Welcome to Issue N4

Hello everyone!.

What two weeks, pretty busy ones...been redesigning Wicked Blocks, making VS Code themes, updating colors and fonts...oh and thank to Mirko Veltri for the help on colorsandfonts.

Hope you enjoy this issue and Hugs for everyone!

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Daivd East help's you understand Firebase.

"We’re going to cover lots of details about what Firebase is, why it can be useful to you, and show examples of how. But first, I think you’ll enjoy a little story about how Firebase came to be... "

- Personally, I have used Firebase for colorsandfonts.com for the first months. Then I took it away soon as I had a 10k users in one because of reddit. It cost me $25 and for a free app, there was not point to pay.

An In-Depth Guide To Measuring Core Web Vitals

"How are Core Web Vitals measured? How do you know your fixes have had the desired effect and when will you see the results in Google Search Console? Let’s figure it out... "

- Even if my sites are mostly between 90 and 100 I have actually learned a lot in this article.

An Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Artboard Size for Web/Desktop Applications.

"I have been calculating different screens, dpis, dips, pts, pixels, etc… and tried to find the best way to increase productivity without spending and wasting time to select perfect Artboard size for Mobile UI Design..."

- A Very useful post.Personally , I use 1440x1024.

How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations.

"This is not the right article for you if you’re trying to find good gradients or shades. But if you need to find beautiful, distinctive colors for different categories (e.g., continents, industries, bird species) for your line charts, pie charts, stacked bar charts, etc., read on..."

- Yes, finding colors in general is quiet difficult if you are not into it.

Thank you for reading...

...and if you have missed the last issue, here it is. Issue N3