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April 06, 2021 • View in browser ⟶

“Don't stop now, straigh to the top now.” – Someone Somewhere

The Albatross flew across the ocean

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Welcome to Issue N3

Another two weeks another issue.

All the content from this issue is what I have found, while working on one my projects I hope this helps you too.

Hope you enjoy this issue. Hugs for everyone!

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Smarter, Lighter, Better Images: A Guide to Optimization

"Do you know how big the images displayed on your website are? When you open a page, the browser starts downloading a bunch of files in order to display it. So, making sure they are as small as they can be can greatly improve the load times for your website..."

- I am the worst when optimizing images, I mostly use SVG or WEBMP. Let's learn from Matt.

Photography tips to enhance your UI designs

"Good photography can elevate your UI designs, making them more visually appealing and more effective at getting users to take the desired actions. But what constitutes “good” photography?... "

- This comes very handy when we are not used to build sites with so many photography.

Mastering Iconography: The 3 Do's & Don'ts of Icon Design

"Though they can be easily overlooked, icons play a crucial role in design—guiding users, communicating ideas and information, and bringing hierarchy to content—to name a few..."

- In the beginning, I use to create my own icons and design assets for my landing pages because not all libraries had all the icons I want it or needed it.

Everything you need to know about Tailwind CSS JIT Compiler

"According to the official docs, it's an experimental just-in-time compiler for Tailwind CSS that generates your styles on-demand as you author your templates instead of generating everything in advance at initial build time..."

- Actually, Tailwind CSS 2.1 os out and it comes with it. And all my side projects are using it, love it it's super duper fast.

Thank you for reading...

...and if you have missed the last issue, here it is. Issue N2