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March 24, 2021 • View in browser ⟶

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” – Neville Brody

The Albatross flew across the ocean

Art by Anastazi Li »

Welcome to Issue N2

Hey everybody! Did you had a good week? I had a standard week... well, let's see how you like this second issue of TUF.

If some of you has a blog about front end and UI/UX tutorials/articles I would be happy to feature your articles. Just answer this email and tell me about it.

Hope you enjoy this issue. Hugs for everyone!

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Can you imagine drawing Homer Simpson with CSS? Alvaro did it.

"CSS drawings are normally compositions of shapes that result in a vectorial-looking image. A cartoon character like Homer Simpson doesn't fit in that category, which makes drawing it in CSS a challenge..."

- I have been following Alvaro for long time now, on Twitter and dev.to and I would recommend you to do it too because I learn a lot from his work.

Color Themes in CSS a la DRY.

"Christopher Kirk-Nielsen explains how to avoid repeating yourself when switching between light and dark modes using --color: var(--light, orchid) var(--dark, rebeccapurple); . "

- This looks pretty hacky but smart, I will definately use the same approach as usual, overriding stuff.

Adrian Bece teaches us how to lazy load images for maximum performance.

"Image lazy loading is one of the more popular approaches of optimizing websites due to the relatively easy implementation and large performance gain. With lazy loading we load images asynchronously, meaning that we load images only when they appear in the browser's viewport."

- You are better off using lazy loading for your images and iframes but I am not using any script. I do it too. For example, Wicked Blocks is practically iframes to show the blocks.

Amazing Animation Techniques with GSAP.

"Peter Barr animations have stunning sequences, learn how he is doing when animating posters recreated with HTML and CSS."

- Personally, I enjoy animations, really do, but I use them only if needed, for example for feedback when clicking a button.

Thank you for reading...

...and if you have missed the last issue, here it is. Issue N1